ASKET Broker Flow Process 


Stage 1

Receive Clients Transit Request

To view clients Transit Request Form follow Stage 1.

Move to Stage 2, if the request has been received by email detailing transit information

Stage 2

Prepare Request For Quote for PMSC's

This is to update and detail transit requirements for PMSC's to view and quote on


  • Open Google Forms

  • Select 'Go to Google Sheets' Or 'Sheets'

  • Log In:


Password: Asketbroker01

  • Choose form:

1. ASKET Transit Request Form (TRF) (Responses)

  • Leave form open for continued use




  • Choose to 'Edit' form (top right)


  • Select the '3 vertical dots' on top right menu

  • Choose 'Make a Copy'


  • Update the name of the form:

RFQ - Vessel - DD/MM/YY - From - To


  • Highlight the new form name and copy it


  • Paste new form title in to:

- Title ​

- RFQ Title


  • Enter Transit Information in to:

- Section 2 (Vessel & Transit Details)

- Section 3 (Security Requirement)

Gained from client TRF or Email


  • Link Form to Transit Spreadsheet (Return to top of form)

- Select Responses 

- Choose the '3 vertical dots' 

- Select Response Destination

- Select Existing Speadsheet

- Press 'Select'

- Choose:

1. ASKET HRA Transit Proposal 2018 

This must be done before sharing the sheet!

Stage 3

Update RFQ Status 



  • To connect the RFQ Form and RFQ status the weblink for the relevant RFQ Form needs to  be pasted in to the last question on the form 'Form Link'

- To find this link press 'Send' on RFQ Form

- ​Choose 'Paper Clip' icon on 'Send Via' option

- Copy Link

- Insert in to RFQ Status form under 'Form Link'

- Press 'Submit'


  • Open ASKET Approved Providers website:

RFQ Status 

  • Check new RFQ status has been uploaded and all information is correct

Stage 4

Send ShoutOut



  • Open

- User:

- Password: Asketbroker01

  • Go to Dashboard

- E mail marketing

- Shoutout

- Reuse an existing Shoutout template


  • Edit existing Shoutout

  • Copy and Paste Information from:

RFQ Status web page into the Shoutout (add an icon​ image if particle)


  • Add Recipients - Choose from relevant list:

  1. HRATransit RFQ

  2. 2.HRA Transit (V Ships)

  3. Etc….

  • Press 'Send'


  • Monitor


If you wish to check on who has opened the Shoutout you open full stats

Stage 5

Complete & Send Transit Proposal



Open – 1. ASKET HRA Transit Proposal 2018

  • At the bottom of the form, scroll right to last tab. The latest Transit Proposal will have been automatically populated


  • Check & Edit

- Route

- Name

- Details


Other details can be added or changed in the cells


  • Save as a PDF

- File

- Download as PDF Document

- Check Name of PDF

  • Set up PDF

- Portrait

- Headers and Footers (Select All) 


  • Export/ Open


Check layout this can be adjusted slightly if needed by adjusting the rows in the datasheet and re exporting as a PDF


Save to a Folder ready to send to the client

Stage 6

Award Transit

Once the client has made their final decision on chosen PMSC to complete the transit, you need to

  • Award the Transit

  • Update the RFQ Staus of transit 


We are pleased to inform you that you have been appointed for the above transit in accordance with your RFQ Return.
Please contact Captain XXXX in copy and below to begin the GUARDCON process and flag state approval for your team and equipment.
Please keep in copy so we can review documents and monitor progress through out the contracting stage.

Please copy in to routine operational communications traffic including embark/ daily reports and disembark messages and updates.

If you have any questions please contact myself or one of the team.
Calm seas,


  • Award transit to PMSC via Email (take wording from example on left)

  • Subject Line: 

Name of transit proposal: Vessel Name & Date

Stage 7

Transit Management Portal

Transit Portal for the Asket Team to cover end to end transit management



  • Update RFQ Status for all other PMSC's to view

  • Adjust the status of the relevant Transit in:

- ASKET RFQ Status spreadsheet

- Once changed, the RFQ status will automatically updated (you do not need to share or save the change).


- Complete form

- Press 'Submit'


  • Manage and Update Transit Status, as Transit progresses including:

- Transit Status

- Invoicing

- CSO’s Feeback

- Masters Feedback

- Guardcon

Via: 1. ASKET Broker Transit Information & Monitoring spreadsheet


Stage 8

Post Transit Review



Good day, thanks for using ASKET once again.

We hope that you found ASKET and the PMSC that supported you professional in all regards.

I wondered if you would take a moment to complete the CSO/ QHSE Feedback Form which is a little different to the one we sent to the vessels Master and helps us to ensure that our team are continuing to provide a first in class service.

ASKET CSO/ QHSE Feedback Form

We look forward to the opportunity of supporting you again soon.


  • Send CSO an Email for transit feedback

Copy and paste wording and link (feedback form)  from example on left, in to an email​

  • Email Subject:

Name of Ship ​- CSO's Feedback - ASKET

Dear Captain,

I hope you are well, and I am pleased to see you and your crew transited the HRA safely.

ASKET were delighted to be able to broker this transit for you, as part of the ongoing independent monitoring of the PMSC's on our Approved Provider list we ask the CSO and the Master to give us feedback on the ASKET service and the professional conduct of the PMSC that supported you.

I wonder if you would take some time to complete the ASKET - Masters Transit Feedback Report which will only take around 2 minutes of your time and is part of our continuous auditing process, improving the service we provide to you.

Please open the survey here if you have internet access and if not I have also attached a word version, please feel free to highlight you responses in which ever way you find easiest and return to me.

Are you signed up to our Free Monday Briefing and Security Alerts or use our Maritime Security App, if not please check our website or ask your CSO for more details.

We look forward to supporting you again,

Calm seas,


  • Send Master an Email for transit feedback

Copy and paste wording and attach feedback form (word version)  from example on left, in to an email​

  • Email Subject:

Name of Ship ​- Masters Feedback - ASKET


  • Once Masters feedback is received, input information in to online form


Transit Complete 


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